24 Karat Rocher Cake


24 Karat Rocher Cake

from 40.00

All our cakes are luxurious but this one has luxury dripping all over it. 

3 Layers of moist chocolate sponge layered with a chocolate and hazelnut ganache, the cake is then covered with a Nutella buttercream then lashings of hazelnut ganache on top of that. The cake is finished with 24 Karat gold dipped Forerro Rocher and gold leaf scattered around the outside. 

Presented on a plain gold board (cake depicted is a Christmas version on a holly covered board). 

It's a show stopper an a half ! Imagine this tiered for an alternative wedding cake?? 


Cake contains : Gluten (wheat), Milk, Eggs, Nuts

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All our cakes are handmade to order by one person! They are never, ever frozen or "in stock", all my cakes use good, natural ingredients and contain no preservation. Made in a my tiny cake studio - NOT a factory.