Celebration & Occasion cakes

Everybody looks forward to the cake at a party. For a really special showstopping cake why not let us wear the pinny and create it for you?  All our creations are completely bespoke to you, big and bold or elegant and understated .. it's up to you. Prices vary depending on your requirements. While we would love to compete with supermarket prices sadly as a small business offering bespoke, individual cakes we can't, we also don't like bartering. Our prices are fair and reflect the time and artistry that goes into the cake as well as the ingredients.  Like they say, you get what you pay for ... prices for bespoke celebration cakes start at £35 upwards depending on your design / size / requirements.

At least 14 days notice is required for celebration cakes, our books fill up quickly, to get yours drop us a line on lilsparlour@gmail.com or call 07747466146

Enquiries come with no obligation ... 

wedding cake.jpg

Wedding cakes

Tasty wedding cakes made absolutely to your specification. Lots of flavours to choose from and the experience is completely bespoke to each couple. Contact us for more information and for quotes. As a basic guideline 3 tier bespoke wedding cakes start at £150 upwards. 


Big bold and beautiful

Our cakes can be loaded with all your favourite things to reflect your celebration. Go as big and as bold as you like. 

Prices for bespoke cakes start at £35 


vegan and gluten free...

... and no one will ever know. We have a fine selection of gluten free and vegan cakes to choose from to please everybody. 

We don't charge a "vegan tax" our bespoke vegan cakes start at £35